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For £40, you receive:

A Skype consultation, for an in-depth analysis of how to set up and make the most of your Employment Hub profile. This consultation involves:

  • Hearing personal experiences from an expat.
  • Resume advice and how to showcase yourself to employers.
  • Savings on relocation costs such as; furniture shipping, money transfers, car hire etc.
  • Personal introductions to our partners.
  • Overview of work opportunities in Australia.
  • Personal guide on what to expect and how to settle into Australian life.
  • Your partner can join for FREE!

We have employers anticipating the arrival of job-ready candidates just like you!

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The DUC Employment & Relocation Hub

The DUC Employment & Relocation Hub gets you noticed and directly connected with potential employers who are looking to attract a specific group of applicants just like yourself... skilled 'job-ready' migrants making their way to a new life down under. As you take each step in your migration journey, you can allow prospective employers to track your progress via your DUC Employment & Relocation Hub personal profile page, alerting you as job opportunities arise. The DUC Employment & Relocation Hub gives you access to a wealth of valuable advice, information and allied services to help you on your way.    

Our employers are only looking for eligible migrants who have Visas, started the Visa process, or looking for Employer Sponsorship. 

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What is the DUC Employment Hub and Why should I use it?

We connect you to employers actively seeking people with your skills.